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Justin Sutherland Tennessee Hot Mix

Hybrid Nation Beanie

Crybaby Craig’s Bawlin’ Sauce

The Get Down Coffee Co. Turntable Roast

14 Spice Seasoning

Justin Sutherland Signature Single Malt Whiskey

Created in collaboration with Tattersall Distilllery


Working with Tattersall’s head distiller Bentley Gilman and founder Jon Kreidler, Justin chose a blend of three different straight, single malt whiskeys, which had been distilled and aged for more than two years in Minnesota white oak barrels. There’s just a hint of smoke in this barbecue chef’s bottle, the individual single malts consisted of mesquite-smoked (60%), applewood-smoked (30%) and chocolate-malted (10%) straight barley whiskeys.

Signature Apron

Created in collaboration with Craftmade Aprons

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